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In just 4 EMDR sessions with Steve, I have already felt such a positive change that I can hardly make sense of it. I know I am very far from being fine but in the last year I have tried so many treatments with no positive results, and this has been different. As a...


I have had many years of therapy throughout my life that was needed to improve my quality of life & finally let go of the past. It was not until I met Steve when the “true” healing I feel started. He taught me it was ok to feel the emotions that we are told our...


Steve emits boundless positivity. He is at once fun-loving, light-hearted, serious, and dedicated. I’ve trusted him with some deep-seated problems, and he’s delivered. 6 stars!

Michael – Denver, CO

When I first came to see Steve, life was dull. There was nothing exciting anymore and I had a lot of anger from traumas. Steve helped me get rid of those things and helped me see that I was not doing what I really wanted in my life. My regret is that I didn’t start...

Bridget – Boulder, CO

Steve is a knowledgeable and caring therapist, well-versed in the treatment of trauma. He has a down-to-earth, approachable mannerism and a firm grasp on issues faced by veterans and men with depression