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Healing for pilots

Healing and Coaching for Pilots


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Pilots you can relax, coming to me will not end your career. I am proud to offer life coaching and healing services to pilots and people who are enthusiastic about aviation.  These sessions can be done either at my office near Centennial Airport or via Zoom/FaceTime.  One of my passions has always been aviation. I started flying in 2001 with the intention of turning it into my career. Over the years I worked as a Flight Instructor, a Freight Pilot, and eventually I did on-demand charter flying and air ambulance work in Learjets. During those years, I grew more and more aware of just how powerful our minds can be.





Our minds can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy, depending on how it is functioning. I noticed both with myself, and when I was training people, the most important thing was getting to understand how people perceived things and change bad thought-processes. The technical aspects can be taught with a skilled teacher and a motivated student, but the mental aspects are far more challenging.

 I also learned how people can learn and what makes for a positive flight crew and what can cause a toxic environment where it can be difficult for people to function. More often than not, it came down to how people thought and what their behaviors were, not their technical skills. This realization fascinated me. The longer I flew, the more passionate I became about psychology. Although the physical act of flying an airplane, the scenery, and the sense of accomplishment following a successful trip I loved quite a bit too.

 The stresses are not limited to work-related issues. Oftentimes family concerns can add considerably to a pilot’s burden. A person may be highly focused on their work, but that does not mean issues outside of work cease to exist. Eventually it can wear a person down and not only affect a person’s mood, but their overall demeanor as well.

What was once a joyful career can turn into something that is loathed. For years the aviation industry has suffered setbacks, bankruptcies, diminished wages, and poorer quality of life for its employees. This can put enormous strain on even the strongest of minds.

To further complicate matters, some pilots felt not only did they not want to talk about what was bothering them, but also they felt they could not discuss it either even if they wanted to. This idea can come from a variety of sources, one of which is the all too common notion that men can feel as though they should bury their emotions, or “shut up and stop complaining and just do your job.” In some cases, speaking out could lead to being fired from one’s job they worked for years to get. As your therapist, I will not share any details of our work with any outside source unless you agree to release this information or are court-ordered to.

 Burying emotions generally does not work and eventually these suppressed emotions will find ways to manifest themselves. These can take the form of anxiety, depression, damaged relationships, or even physical ailments in the body. Contrary to popular belief, keeping our stresses out of the cockpit does not work well. These things do tend to creep their way into our work and affect it.

 It is my hope to be able to offer my services to other pilots to help them through difficult times. As someone who has lived this lifestyle, I can identify with the demands this career makes on a person and give my client an understanding ear to speak to. 

Call today, it will help your career.