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Men’s Issues

I see both male and female clients, this page is for the guys out there that are considering getting help because it’s very common for many of us men to hate the idea of therapy. At worst it can seem to be an insult to how many of us were raised. I know some of you would rather man up and handle your stuff on your own. I often encounter guys that think the idea of seeing a therapist can be insulting and suggests they are weak. It is no more weak than going to the doctor for healing a broken arm.






Before I got involved with therapy, it was the last thing I wanted to do. I thought I could just bury my emotions or control them, it was simply a matter of willpower. This works until it doesn’t. Unfortunately I had been put to the test by life and came up lacking and weak in my eyes. But I thought therapy was for weaklings and if could just get my head on straight things would get better. I came to learn the hard way that this is not how our brains work with trauma, depression, and anxiety. You can’t just power through these things. Trying to do so is the same as running on a broken leg – you’ll suffer needlessly and probably make it worse.



Changing our minds is not so easy. If it were as simple as “get over it!” sounds, we would have taken care of it long ago. In the past the very idea of a man going to get mental health assistance was met with scorn and shame. We get these ideas from older generations. Times were different and no one likes change forced on them. Here’s the important difference: in these old times it was far more socially acceptable to have our primal outbursts. We were able to discharge our emotions. Unfortunately this could result in abuse and discrimination being condoned, and that needed to stop.




 If we don’t have a way to deal with our problems we have with our boss, girlfriend, living situation, job, you name it, they will grow to become bigger problems until a breaking point is reached. Women have their support networks for them and that’s a very good thing. But guys, it’s time we man up and realize that we need ours as well. For this to work you’ll need to courage and will to act, and the honesty to speak truthfully. That is the true test of a mature warrior male.   Call today to overcome what holds you back and become the greater you that awaits.