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I’m a huge Star Trek fan. This video makes me respect Sir Patrick Stewart even more as he speaks about the need to address the issue of domestic violence and the link to PTSD. It falls on both genders to say no more to domestic violence. PTSD can often be at the root of the cause for it to occur in relationships and cause enormous damage. Silence keeps us all wounded. The shame of PTSD is in NOT getting help, as opposed to believing that it suggests the person who suffers from it is in some manner weak. Treatment exists and it works!

As a healer that specializes in trauma, I see how PTSD takes away a person’s peace of mind and sets their fear and anger up to be triggered very easily. This does not absolve anyone of their responsibility to not abuse others, but it is a call to action to get healing. Not just for you, but for your family, friends, and other people in your life. It can be one of the greatest gifts you can do for yourself, and you can do it without drugs. You are NOT condemned to suffer with the wounds of PTSD. You are not alone, nor do you suffer alone.

Bravo Captain Picard / Professor X! We all need to be aware and stop violence toward others. PTSD if unchecked can easily lead to incidents of domestic violence. That’s not to excuse the behavior, but to call further attention to the fact that it needs to be treated.