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Sometimes when we are encountering a quote unquote “mental illness” it can actually be a symptom of a major breakthrough getting ready to happen. Depression can in fact be a symptom that what you are doing and where you are at is no longer right for you. I have encountered this personally and have seen it in many of my clients. Some part of your greater you is no longer going to let you settle for where you are.

It is important to remember that stress and repressed emotions can physically affect the human body. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions all come through our brain and manifest as energy. It can be the chemicals in our endocrine systems or the electrical impulses of our nerves. Physics tells us energy cannot be created nor destroyed but they can be transformed. This means what you are having affect you in life has to go somewhere.

The need for change can hit a sort of critical mass and demand action. It’s an unfortunate truth that all growth comes with some degree of pain. Refusing to let the change happen can take a lot to hold in check. Depression then becomes a symptoms of refusing to unleash either a lot of anger and pain or stifled creative energy. Remember some of most gifted artists and musicians are no stranger to the compelling urge to create and have seen the face of depression up close and very personal.

If you’ve struggled with depression, bipolar issues, and or trauma and the effects seem to just not go away, or only go away for a short time and then return with a vengeance, the depressed feelings keeping a lid on it all may be a message from your higher self that is demanding a change.

When this happens it can require a lot of working on a deep level in your consciousness. Meditation can help but sometimes additional tools such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing can help you tap into these hard to access energies, some of which have been buried for years or even decades. Our own psychological defenses, while protective in nature, can get in the way. Oddly enough, sometimes it’s hardest for people who have already done a lot of self-work. This is often due to the fact that those defenses evolve right along with us and can become increasingly powerful.

You don’t have to go it alone on this. In fact, sometimes going it alone can be part of the problem. If we are truly moving into a new age, as many people seem to be thinking is true, people are awakening to a greater consciousness. It can help to have some assistance in our process so we don’t get off track.