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What do you think about therapy? For a lot of people it’s something they would rather not do, but life has hit a serious breaking point. It has nothing to do with a person being weak, it’s more likely you’ve been too strong for too long. You may have thought, “Hey, I’m a smart person I can get through this if I try harder.” And you have tried REALLY hard to handle things on your own. You tried a few things like practice yoga, do meditation, read a few self help books, or try to force your mind to “just be more positive.” Yet chronic stress, having frequent arguments, or feeling just overwhelmed by everything remains and seems to not be getting better. Relationships at home or at work are getting more and more strained. Time actually doesn’t wash away all pain. You know what you have going on used to be something you could overcome, but for some reason what you used to do no longer works.

Here’s the thing: therapy is not about saying you’re broken or permanently damaged, even you think that might be the case. Sometimes it’s because you’ve endured several things that changed things for the worse such as a bad relationship, an accident, job loss, a difficult medical procedure, or dealing with a person you’d describe as “demonic,” and for some reason things fell apart afterwards. You’re not sure why you feel the way you do, but you do know that there’s something not right.

Therapy is an opportunity to take your power back and not only that, become stronger afterwards. A few of the tools I use are EMDR, Somatic Experiencing (S.E. for short), and mindfulness practices because those get to the root of the problem effectively and powerfully. I say this as someone who has personally experienced these types of therapy work for me when I was very skeptical and resistant to the concept of therapy. Working with the deepest corners of your mind and your body’s natural energies in your nervous system can help you start not only seeing but actually feeling things change for the better. Although I cannot change your past, I can help you change the energy, perspective, and way you relate to your past so you can live a better future.

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In just 4 EMDR sessions with Steve, I have already felt such a positive change that I can hardly make sense of it. I know I am very far from being fine but in the last year I have tried so many treatments with no positive results, and this has ...
Juan – Denver, CO
I have had many years of therapy throughout my life that was needed to improve my quality of life & finally let go of the past. It was not until I met Steve when the “true” healing I feel started. He taught me it was ok to feel the emotions ...
Julie – Denver, CO
Steve emits boundless positivity. He is at once fun-loving, light-hearted, serious, and dedicated. I've trusted him with some deep-seated problems, and he's delivered. 6 stars!
Shae – Denver, CO
When I first came to see Steve, life was dull. There was nothing exciting anymore and I had a lot of anger from traumas. Steve helped me get rid of those things and helped me see that I was not doing what I really wanted in my life. My regret ...
Michael - Denver, CO
Steve is a knowledgeable and caring therapist, well-versed in the treatment of trauma. He has a down-to-earth, approachable mannerism and a firm grasp on issues faced by veterans and men with depression
Bridget - Boulder, CO