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What Is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic experiencing is a complementary approach to therapy that works in harmony with EMDR and somatic psychotherapy. This modality focuses on the mind-body connection and understands that traumatic experiences can be stored in the body, leading to various physical and emotional symptoms. By combining elements of EMDR and somatic experiencing, Inner Sight Colorado LLC can help you address these stored traumas and release them from your body's memory.

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Signs Somatic Experiencing Is Right for You

Somatic experiencing is an ideal type of trauma-focused therapy for many individuals, but here are some signs that it’s especially right for you:

  • Experiencing symptoms of trauma, such as flashbacks or nightmares

  • Feeling overwhelmed by chronic stress or anxiety

  • Having difficulty regulating emotions and reactions

  • Feeling disconnected from your own body or experiencing a sense of dissociation

  • Wanting to address past traumatic experiences stored in the body

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