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Therapy for Healing Relationships, Centennial, CO

Ever find yourself wondering why, after a break up, can I not get him/her out of my head?!!  Why haven’t I gotten over this?  Am I just broken?

Relationships that end badly leave a mark.  For some the lasting damage is psychological.  From physical abuse to infidelity to being manipulated/betrayed, it can feel like it’s hard to move on, trust again, or that there aren’t any good ones left. 

Or worse, after you’ve moved on, you find yourself repeating the same patterns that got you in trouble in the first place despite promising yourself, “never again.” It may feel as if it’s just a matter of time before my current partner betrays me.  That’s a hellish way to live.

All of these are symptoms of unfinished business healing from a toxic person in your past.

Therapy can help.   I work with individuals to not only help heal the past, but help them find the patterns that don’t serve your best interests. This work also includes building or repairing personal boundaries.  This can help you if you have a hard time saying no or sticking up for yourself.  It also is critical for those who have had the unspeakable happen and are having a hard time with physical intimacy.

This is focused one-on-one therapeutic work for adult men and women, and although it is for relationships, it is not traditional couples work.  The reason for that is in healing, it is important to establish a sense of safety and control as the healing goes on.  Oftentimes the work is not about your current partner or future partner, but it is about separating another’s sins of the past against you from the present.  This can be inhibited when another person is present. 

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