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It’s Not That You Haven’t Tried To Let Go Of The Past, It’s That Your Past Has Not Let Go Of You.

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Has life become a living hell? 

After a traumatic event, you may be feeling shattered, permanently broken, chronically stressed, anxious, or have a hair-trigger temper.  Panic attacks or psycho-somatic problems can also manifest after trauma.  What happened not just affected you, but also is affecting your loved ones and maybe even your workplace relationships and performance.  Trauma can break the strongest of minds and does not heal as time goes by.

Healing is possible, and doesn’t necessarily mean medication for the rest of your life.  You have options and do not have to accept that however your are feeling is just simply the way things are now and you’d best get used to it.  Nor does it matter if the problem happened years or even decades ago.

No, you cannot “just get over it.”  If you were the victim of an assault – be it physical, sexual, or psychological, a vehicle accident, or a medical procedure that was nightmarish, there can be a shock to your nervous system that goes deeper than just your thoughts and emotions. In order to heal, treatment has to work with your body’s fight/flight/freeze response in the nervous system in order to create lasting change.  After trauma, that fight/flight/freeze response is stuck in the “on and turbo-charged” position.  In some cases you have psycho-somatic symptoms develop that are a result of the body being in distress for too long.  It not enough to just try to be positive or be more  grateful. 

 As a trauma therapist in private practice for 9 years now, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  I use Somatic Experiencing (S.E.) with my clients to help get healing that normal talk therapy fails to do.  It works by working with the feelings, sensations, and block energy in the body to help heal trauma. 

S.E. was founded by Dr. Peter Levine in the 1980s and is now trained throughout the world to help people overcome their past and live a more vibrant and alive experience. It’s a very supportive and gentle way to take your life back from the jaws of trauma.   As you heal, you will feel positive changes in your body and how you view life. 

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