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“I Love A Success Story, But Even More Than That; I Like A Person Who Screws Their Life Up And Gets Their Life Together Again Story.” – Joe Rogan

Even the strongest minds can get smashed by life

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, chronic stress can come from any number of sources, trauma makes them worse.  Job loss, hospitalizations, car wrecks, and difficulties with loved ones, can leave one feeling decimated and alone. You might feel like you’re walking around chronically stressed. Anger can get explosive, or you may feel numb, dazed, or flat out not sure what to do.  But you do know what you have going on right now isn’t right. Therapy can help you overcome these problems.

Therapy is about your own growth and healing; it’s not saying you’re permanently damaged.

Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose or have things just not work out.  You know you’re smart, educated, and have overcome difficulty in the past, but for some reason now it’s different.  There can come a time where you simply cannot handle everything and need support. Sometimes our deepest wounds that need healing are not for anyone else’s eyes and ears no matter how much or how little support you may have.   Depression, anxiety, or PTSD do not care about your past, they just make your present a nightmare.

Who is this for?

You may be an already high functioning, mindful, and consciously aware adult, but feel like sometimes that makes things even harder.  For some, it might be feeling like some past event or person that could be described as demonic in nature shattered them and they feel like they are not the same anymore.

For others, they may feel like they just had too many bad things happen and while they could deal with it in the past, for some reason now they can’t. Some just need a person they can talk to that when they leave they know their problems stay behind closed doors. 

Oftentimes my clients find that there is some long forgotten and all too quiet inner wisdom, that can steer them right. Restoring the ability to connect to that and to learn when to trust it is what therapy (in the way I practice it) can do.  To do this I use multiple techniques including: EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, guided meditations, breathwork, Gestalt, and mindfulness exercises.  I believe therapy should get results that create lasting change. My goal for you is to have a complete recovery and no longer need my services and not take years to achieve. 

If you’re sick and tired of your situation and wish you could be like your old self before everything went badly, call now to
take your life back.  I return all calls within 24 hours.


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