Why don’t you take insurance directly? +

I have chosen not to for multiple reasons. To start with, I would have to agree to operate under their policy on what treatments I am allowed to use for you. This is a decision that should be made between us, not them. I would also have to file reports with them discussing your treatment, how well you are progressing, and possibly other details that I do not feel they have any right to know about. These reports may be shared with any number of employees on their end. Whether or not they to keep their information private is beside the point, as I don’t think they should be privy to any information about you whatsoever. Not only that, but data breaches and identity theft happen from time to time with any company.

Also in this era of managed care, I have met many therapists who have had to reduce their rates and have less and less compensation for their efforts due to what the insurance companies dictate. I even know of one therapist who worked with a client for 6 months and when they received their check for all the weekly sessions done over that time, the therapist was paid $0 dollars!! Insurance companies have an interest in paying as little as possible and many routinely look for loopholes to exploit. I would also have to give you a diagnosis to treat you, which can have a way of following a person’s resume around for long after they have left my office. To me, it is not worth the effort and I refuse to deal with them on these principles.