Why do therapists charge for missed sessions? If I make an appointment and don’t show up why should I get charged for something I did not use? +

Therapy can often be something you don’t want to go to. You are paying for my time to be present and help you overcome the problems. It is very common for a person’s anxiety to get the better of them and not come in. While it is understandable, you cannot heal if you don’t come in. I take this work very seriously and so should you. In some cases, if the problems are severe enough I may have to be worried about if you’ve harmed yourself and have to take action. Therefore, it is industry standard to have a cancellation policy in place. You can cancel 24 hours in advance without being charged. Understand too that some clients very badly need help and we may have difficulty and have to make sacrifices to be able to do this work. If a client makes an appointment and then no shows, that is time I may have been able to give to someone who desperately needs it. If you routinely no show, I may cancel our working relationship. Just keep me in the loop and this should not be an issue. 😉