What is your stance on medical marijuana? +

This is a complex subject. There is a difference between use and abuse. Anything can be abused when overused or used as an escape from problems. After all, a person can become addicted to cheeseburgers as a coping method and our diet has a powerful affect on us in many ways. There is numerous scientific evidence of the benefits of marijuana, and not just for physical pain. It is not physically addictive, however it can be psychologically addictive. With Colorado being a state that has legalized it for recreational use it is time for our society to not automatically demonize it, but that doesn’t mean there are not down sides to using it either. Some strains of marijuana can increase anxiety and paranoia and if that is something you struggle with, it may be important to reconsider using it, reducing intake, or finding a more suitable strain. Typically Sativa strains are more prone to inducing these feelings than Indicas, however it can still vary from person to person and day to day.

For many people that I have known marijuana has been a life-saving alternative to other drugs and in those cases saying no their use is simply not an option. Also making them illegal will not remove access to it. What that said, do not come to sessions intoxicated! You have to be lucid and functional enough for therapy to work. And no, I cannot and will not help you get a red card for becoming a medical marijuana patient. You will have to get an evaluation from an approved Doctor or other licensed healthcare professional that can approve that. I will not turn away clients that have chosen to use it responsibly. If the use is excessive however, then we will need to discuss the best way to move forward with therapy. Driving under the influence of it while going to therapy is illegal and that would lead to an immediate termination of therapy without refund.