What is “body-oriented” therapy? Is it like massage? +

No. It’s about working with your body and how your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and natural energies affect it. Touch can be involved, but only when appropriate and always with your consent and respect for your boundaries. As humans we need connection that is nourishing. Our body releases hundreds of chemicals when we have physical contact with someone else. In the presence of trauma it can freeze us and make us disconnect from our body. For victims of physical or sexual abuse, they can be profoundly disconnected and numb to their body. Restoring this disconnect can be extremely powerful yet scary. It’s therefore critical to work very gently and slowly. However the rewards can be even more worthwhile. Sometimes so much so it’s hard to imagine until it is experienced. When we work with our bodies we are working with a very ancient and powerful part of your brain. This is what must be healed first before working with the emotions and thinking parts of your brain. It’s what we call a “bottom-up” approach.