What are your qualifications? How do I know if you can help? +

I have my master’s degree in psychology, and I’ve worked at multiple hospitals with people on 72 hour holds for depression, suicide attempts, or detoxing from drugs. I’ve also worked in maximum security youth correctional facilities with teens who have made some bad choices in life. I’ve studied the mind and how we learn and ways to empower you and heal for most of my life. I’ve also completed 2 years post-graduate work with the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute on various therapeutic methods for healing. I have also worked with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to help coordinate training for other therapists in Somatic Experiencing therapy. I also received my EMDR training by an approved EMDRIA course on it. EMDR is a great therapy that looks simple on the outside, but has a lot of critical nuances that must be considered to ensure it is safe and effective.

Prior to all this, I worked as a pilot which made me very familiar with how the real working world is, and how to train someone from no experience to being able to fly airplanes. I know the pressures of high intensity jobs that require near perfection in all ways. I also know the pain of working in an unstable job market and working for some less-than-great people or customers, and that in and of itself can be very damaging to the strongest of people. I’ve also done a lot of work on myself with my own therapists. To me, any therapist should be engaged in working with themselves and their own demons if they are going to help others with theirs.

I have direct experience with depression, anxiety, trauma, and bipolar II prior to becoming a therapist. These are the conditions I have chosen to specialize in treating. You can visit About Steve for more.