Steve, isn’t it hard to keep things private with Facebook, the Internet, and how things are these days? +

It is. I will not have clients be friends with my personal account on Facebook. Although I would love for you to follow my practice, Inner Sight Colorado. I will do what I can to ensure privacy. Not everyone on there who follows it are clients. Some of them might be, but I’m not going to reveal what kind of relationship we have there. If we by chance run into one another in public, I will not initiate any contact with you because I do not want any personal information to get out accidentally. Nor do I want to put you in a position where someone you are with asks you, “who is that?” because it could put you in an awkward situation. But if you want to come over and say hi, I certainly won’t brush you off. I just won’t start the conversation. Finally, I tend to keep emails and texts short and to the point. Phones can be lost, or other people can see what gets put out on them so I try to keep most interactions in person or on the phone during an actual conversation. If you want me to talk to anyone about our sessions, I will have you sign a release to do so.