I’m paying for my son’s/daughter’s/significant others’ therapy, don’t I have a right to know what you are discussing? +

This is a good question, and in most cases completely valid and fair. However, not in this case. Please understand that a lot of things will be discussed, some of which might not always paint you as the parent or guardian in a great light. This is done so that we can get to the heart of the issue and sometimes our emotions are not fair. It is imperative that your loved one has a safe place where they can discuss things of any nature. If I share that with others, that trust is violated and nearly impossible to get back. The exceptions to this are when there is a life in danger, or child/elder abuse is going on, or there is a threat to self. Then I have to by law report it. I do work with a supervisor and we will discuss how best to treat my clients, but that is guarded with the same level of confidentiality as our sessions are. The other exception is if the client getting treatment signs a release.