Can I swear in session? +

Yes! I have had more than a few clients tell me they felt uncomfortable using occasionally very rough language when they’ve tried therapy before. If we are going to be talking about situations that caused a lot of misery in your life, “awe shucks” and “darn” don’t exactly come close to describing what you’ve have been feeling. In my social life I tend to curse like a sailor, but I’ll respect your wishes if you don’t like colorful language. I’ve heard and seen plenty of very nasty situations and occasionally very graphic details used, it does not phase me. I want you to comfortably speak from your heart when we work together. My office is an oasis for you to be yourself. There is plenty of time to be “right and proper” everywhere else. Sometimes our emotions can be really uncomfortable and we may feel ashamed. But if you continue to bury them instead of working with their intensity, you’ll stay stuck.