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Have you ever thought about how you would react to someone talking to a child the way you talk to yourself?

“I’ll never be good enough.  I don’t deserve to be loved.  I’m so stupid. I’m too weak.  I’m not safe and never will be. I’m permanently broken.”

Do you believe these things about yourself?  If you do, there’s probably a time in your past where you got convinced of that by another person or event.  And even though others may tell you those beliefs aren’t true, you believe them as 100% fact.  You tried self-help books, meditation, affirmations, and countless other things but still those beliefs remain stuck.

Depression, combativeness, chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and difficulty focusing can all be spawned form traumatic events that scarred you and cause your brain to be your worst enemy.  EMDR can heal these problems, even if they began years or even decades ago.  You do not have to stay stuck.

It’s Not That You Can’t Let Go of Your Past, It’s  Your Past That Won’t Let Go of You!

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EMDR is a therapy with years of scientific testing, studies, and clinical trails that back up its effectiveness in creating powerful and lasting change.

For more information, check out my blog post here on EMDR.

How would it be for you to feel like yourself before everything went bad?

How would it be to lose the pain, reduce conflict, and enjoy deeper relationships with the people you choose to have in your life?  To no longer feel on edge all the time or so numb to life it’s soul crushing?

EMDR helps reprogram your neural pathways to help create lasting change.  While it will not remove your memories of the past, it can allow you to turn the volume down on it and allow you to change your energy and relationship to your past.


If you feel like a prisoner of your own mind and need help getting out, call today and heal your past for the very last time!  I will return all calls within 24 hours.

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