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Sometimes if you don’t check on the skeletons in your closet, they will come out and check on you. Maybe it’s time to bury them.

Would you like to heal your past once and for all?

When you deal with a traumatic event from your past like a bad accident or a person that caused you a lot of mental or physical pain, you might be thinking “Ok, it’s over and done with. I should be able to let go and move on.”

The problem is: that past event may not have let go of you.

Healing is not a matter of just talking and developing new ways to look at things. Those steps are important, but it’s much harder for that to create lasting change if our fight/flight response is still in overdrive.

When we experience a threat to our way of being, our sense of self, our happiness, or a threat that means life or death, our nervous system does its best to help us survive. This part of the brain doesn’t have a sense of time, nor does it operate logically.

While our thinking brain may know the danger has passed, our nervous system may not react as though it has. The key is to work with our brain so it can finally let go of that past danger. But how?

Somatic Experiencing (S.E. for short) is a therapy that focuses on how our nervous system reacts to life experiences.

When S.E. is successfully used, the shock to the nervous system is released. When that happens, people can feel more relaxed, develop a sense of peace, or feel as though their senses are much sharper and able to handle things that used to leave them feeling numb, angry, or agitated.

Many benefits can come from doing S.E. We develop a greater capacity to connect with people we want to. We are able to relax more deeply and sleep better. We can focus more successfully. Most importantly we go from feeling like we were victimized and cannot change our past, to overcoming and thriving with more energy to live the way we want.

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