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Haters and Inspiration

This is one of my favorite videos about haters and inspiration from the Joe Rogan podcast. In summary, surrender to what is the beautiful for you. It might be scary to do but it is so worth it! (Warning there is some not safe for work language in...

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Depression, or awakening?

Sometimes when we are encountering a quote unquote “mental illness” it can actually be a symptom of a major breakthrough getting ready to happen. Depression can in fact be a symptom that what you are doing and where you are at is no longer right for you. I have...

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Yeah it was bad, but was it trauma?

I often have clients talk about events in their lives that were bad, but when I ask them about their trauma they often say, “oh that’s just the way it was.” Sometimes the story I’m told is quite horrific. Telling the story seems to make it a little too real for many....

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The Germanwings Crash

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Germanwings copilot who crashed the airplane killing everyone onboard. As someone who used to fly and now is a therapist I feel as if I’m almost required to post about this tragedy. Although Captain Sully Sullenberger III already has...

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