Recommended Trauma Counselor & Mental Health Resources

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At Inner Sight Colorado, we are dedicated to helping patients across Denver maintain access to the therapy services and other mental health assistance they need. As a psychotherapist and the face of Inner Sight Colorado, I am passionate about providing clients with mental health and personal resources to continue their individual journeys.

These are links to people and businesses I personally recommend. These are only people I know and trust that take care of you to the best of their ability.

Martial Arts and Fitness: SiFu Ryan Bullock Flying Dragon Martial Arts

Medical Weight Loss: Medfit with Dr. Angela Tran

Tattoos: See Nate at Low Creek Tattoo

Cannabis, Breath Work, and Altered States Education/Healing: Medicinal Mindfulness

Acupuncture: Dr. Troy Krebs Full Moon Water

Musical Instrument Repair/Tuning: Matthew Orloff Stone Water Guitar Repair

Herbs & Meditation Supplies: Herbalist and the Apothecary

Residential Real Estate: Marty Reiswig and Alana Dorland with Goodfit Homes

Service Dog Training for Veterans: David Proctor with Guardian Service Dogs Mention that you are a customer of theirs and receive $10 off your first three sessions!


Take the first step toward a happier, healthier you with trauma focused therapy. Contact me to learn more about EMDR and somatic experiencing opportunities to help PTSD, anxiety, and more. My mission is to help patients take control and health from trauma with the right mental health services in Denver.

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